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This page contains the ongoing collection of clubs, munches, societies, play spaces and gatherings which keep our community growing in a safe, sane, consensual and conscientious environment.

We would love to add your local group (from anywhere on the planet!), so please be sure to contact us* at


Atlanta Corporal Punishment Club - dedicated to safe, sane, consensual male/male corporal punishment, including spanking, paddling, and caning.

Arizona Amazons - Phoenix - environment in which BDSM women can share information, techniques, meet one another and participate in the BDSM culture.

Arizona Power Exchange (APEX) - Phoenix - pansexual non-profit organization which explores consensual dominance/submission, S/M and bondage & discipline relationships

Avatar - Los Angeles - gay club

BackDrop Club - private club designed for BDSM fantasy fulfillment. 

Baltimore Educational Social Society (BESS)  and AT EASE - pansexual advocacy group dedicated to promoting the tolerance of sexual minorities and education about alternative sexual expression. 

BDSM Events Page - pansexual BDSM events around the country & the world, with links to local organizations.

BDSM Scene in the USA - resource and guide to BDSM clubs, organizations & munches.

Beyond the Edge Cafe - located in the Capitol Hill area and caters to the local BDSM community. 

Bound - CT, FL, MD, NY, PA, Washington DC - fetish/goth/industrial dance clubs

California Eagles MC - Motorcycle Club in San Francisco - Lesbian and Gay Biker Club founded in 1984!

Carolina Kink - BDSM resource and group serving North and South Carolina.

C. C. Inc. - non-profit, private club. Organizes public socials and private parties for adults interested in erotic power exchange activities.

Central Texas Kink - "CTK" is a group of folks in the Alternative Sexual Lifestyle - visit their site for Munches, etc.

Chateau, The - live one-on-one sessions with dominant or submissive staff members. 

Club Dom - Lady Cheyenne's web site of female domination. 

Club Kink - fetish and BDSM club in South Florida. 

Cléo Dubois Academy of SM Arts - teaching safe, loving bondage, S/M & erotic role play to couples & singles. 

Domsubfriends - e-magazine, comprehensive website, and exclusive fetish parties serving NY, NJ, CT and other east Coast areas

Dungeon Erotopia - domination and Fetish establishment. Head-Mistress Lady Tara DuBleys. 

Dungeons of Mistress Elizabeth - private dungeon in midtown Manhattan. We specialize in treatment of submissives, fetishists and masochists, following the highest standards of safety, hygiene and psychological adjustment. 

Excalibur - professional lifestyle consensual realism facility dealing in the art and education of BDSM. Photos, stories, art, events etc. 

Fantasy Makers - offers spankings, nurse play, wrestling, striptease, masturbation shows, and anything that's safe, consensual, and legal. 

Fetish Men of Ohio - Fetish Men of Ohio is a Yahoo Group Devoted to extreme fetish... many of their 1500 members are devotees of kink medical fetish!

Hellfire Club - underground BDSM/fetish fantasy playground for adults.

Iron Gates, The - professional dungeon. 

Knot for Everyone - private social club and play party in Central New Jersey. 

Lady Laura's Dominion - our West Los Angeles club is your place to enjoy encounters with the domina, switch, or sub of your choice. 

Club X / Leatherfest - San Diego - pansexual club and annual event- Palm Springs

Leatherquest -very significant website, promoting education of the S/M lifestyle

Leather Roma - the most important Italian leather, fetish & BDSM gay

Leather Sins -a pansexual BDSM social group in the Midwest (North Shore of Chicago)

Loctorium Fully Equipped Dungeon - clean, safe, discreet BDSM dungeon. 

South Carolina Kink Groups - info on munch meetings, schedules and more...

Master's Quest - North Florida club with calendar of events and more

New Jersey Leather n Roses - North Central New Jersey BDSM social group

Pandora's Box - includes profiles on the Mistresses and submissives and a tour of the various rooms available for play in the penthouse facility. 

Patricia Marsh House of Domination and Fantasy - fantasy-oriented environment designed for the safe, sane and consensual exploration of domination and submission, bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, fetishes and fantasies. 

PEP-St. Louis - Meeting and gathering of individuals and couples in the scene lifestyle... Fetish Ball (see site for info)

<>Portland Leather - featuring KinkFest in Portland Oregon

Power Exchange - for straight, gay, bi, TG and TV interests. Bondage equipment, witches wheel in dungeon setting. Voyeur shower, semi-private bordello and Victorian-style rooms. 

The Red Chair - Birmingham, AL - pansexual group

Red Door Domination and Submission

Rock N' Roll Dungeon - reserve time for yourselves and a partner, or the facility Mistress can help you fulfill your fantasies. Site also has personal ads. 

Salon Kitty's - Australian BDSM house with Mistresses, submissives, wrestlers and Masters. 

Sanctuary of a Dark Angel - membership dungeon facility devoted to the Leather, BDSM and fetish lifestyles, with a leather shop, and kitchen facilities. 

Shadow on the Wall - lifestyle professional Dommes seeking potential slaves and crossdressers to entertain us. 

Shadows, The - an elegant, discreet private mansion, extensively equipped, devoted to the arts of S/M, B/D, fetish and fantasy. 

Society of Janus - San Francisco - pansexual BDSM education/support organization.

T3WD - Pansexual BDSM group in Columbia, SC.

Usher's Keep of Northern New Jersey - rental dungeon, by Raven and Lenore, with monthly socials for all interests. 

Vancouverotica - listings of local BDSM events, organizations and associations

*Thanks for visiting... if you go off to visit one of the clubs or an event above, please be sure to stop back and give us any feedback about bad links or clubs that have changed their names or dissolved their organization.

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