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Metal Bondage Restraints
Handcuffs Toe/Thumbcuffs Ankle/Leg Cuffs
Jumbo Panic Snaps Set HogTieClips Jumbo Bondage Clips Set

Original Metal Handcuffs and Legcuffs

Institutional and law enforcement handcuffs and legcuffs are hot, sexy and highly recommend for any BDSM play!

Wrists and Ankles locked in control... or Hog Tie them to add even more severe bondage. Thumb Cuffs offer even more restriction!

Watch the reaction when you dangle those cuffs in front of their face!


Handcuffs in Action

Looking for the real handcuffs used by law enforcement and institutions? Here they are! The highest quality, secure and safe with the double lock. 

Hand Cuffs
Item# 600-6001

Price: $48.00



Legcuffs in use

All of the same high quality and professional standards of the handcuffs, but these are for the ankles and are bigger, beefier with  a long (14") chain between!

Leg Irons
Item# 600-6002
Price: $60.00


Oh sure these were designed for the thumbs, but just watch what happens when a set is applied to the toes and another to the thumbs! One can be rendered quite helpless without the use of their big toes and thumbs!  Get at least 2 pair!

Toe/Thumb Cuffs
Thumb Cuffs/Toe Cuffs
Item# 600-6000

Price: $25.95

Toe/Thumb Cuffs
Panic Snaps Set

Panic Snaps Pair
A Pair of  jumbo Panic Snaps are great for safe restraint featuring immediate release capability in case of an emergency! Safe bondage is always more fun!

Item# 640-2010
Price: $18.95/ Pair

Hog-Tie Clips
Hog Tie Clips
What a clever idea! And so time efficient! Simply clip each one of the d-clips to a cuff, wrists, then ankles and voila! If you attached behind your patient you now have a perfect hog-tie! If you prefer to attach in front, that will keep them either stooping or squatting or sitting with their ankles and wrists attached! What a picture!

Hog Tie Clips
Item #640-2000
Price: $35.00


Jumbo Bondage
 Clips Set

Jumbo Bondage Clips Set
Set of 4 jumbo 4 1/2" Double D Clips are the best and easiest method for attaching cuffs, legcuffs, spreader bars or any other bondage devices! 

Item# 640-2015
Price: $13.95/4 Pack 


Item# 640-2016 
Price: $29.95/10 Pack


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