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MEDICAL TOYS      Page 2
Speculum Boot Paddle
Multi-Use Buck Hammer
Taylor Hammer Mini-TENS Unit

 Electro Stimulation TENS Unit Forceps Medical Page #1

The Speculum

The speculum is such a diverse little toy! It comes in various sizes for opening and stretching the various orifices and cavities! The larger the speculum, the larger the opening gets stretched, obviously! We have the "hole" spectrum, too! From the Large Speculum, which is 5 1/8"  long and 1 3/8" wide at the bill to the Anal Speculum which is 3" long and only 1/2" width. Can you imagine any  play room or dungeon not having at least one of these spectacular specula?

Speculum (Specula, pl.)

Small - Medium - Large Speculum

The stainless steel speculum is an essential item for any dungeon, clinic, doctor's bag or playroom! Collect all of the sizes... so many different uses...

The LARGE Speculum, which is 5 1/8"  long and 1 3/8" wide at the bill

The MEDIUM is 4 1/2" long by 
1 3/8" wide at the bill

The SMALL is 3 1/2" long by
7/8" wide at the bill

Item # 220-4000 Small Speculum Price $18.95


Item # 220-4001 Medium Speculum Price $19.95


Item # 220-4002  Large Speculum Price $21.95

Multi-Use Buck Hammer
A little poke here, a bonk there and a flick of a soft brush over there... you've just experienced a buck hammer! It is a truly versatile medical toy which has a double headed rubber hammer, housing a sharp needle-like poker hidden in the top. In the base of the handle is a small fine hair brush! With all of the diversity of this stainless steel percussion device, it's always three times the fun!

Item # 480-8000
Price: $13.95 $6.95

Boot Paddle
Boot Imprint Paddle
Make an imprint
 with that impact play! 

Here's a paddle that will keep the memories long after the experience! It's made of solid wood shaped as a jackboot paddle with an appropriately 'matching' rubber boot tread A leather grip on the handle adds to the comfort and style of this heavy-duty impact toy. 

... bound to leave a lasting impression!

18.75 inches long
 4.75 inches wide
  13 ounces

Wood, Rubber, Leather

Item # 520-7055
Price: $64.95

Taylor Hammer
"Did you feel that? How about that? Hhmm... " Didn't you just detest that "funny bone" feeling when the ol' doc would smack you under your knee cap with this nasty little hammer? Well... do we need to explain any further? ...Start locating some new "funny bones' on a slave near you soon!
Taylor Hammer

Item # 480-8001
Price: $12.95

Forceps are one of the basics for any dungeon or clinic! They are so versatile and handy! They can be used for squeezing and pinching, pulling labia apart, catheter tube and enema tube closures, nipple clamps, ...well, you get the idea! 

So, be sure to get a few different sizes, they really do come in handy! Sometimes they're like having an extra hand... that's one way the medical professionals use them, too! 

Forceps, forceps and more forceps!...
All the sizes in both curved tipped and straight tipped stainless steel forceps with their signature adjustable locking bar at the finger holes. Great versatility!

10" Str8 Forceps   #480-4000 $10.00


12" Str8 Forceps  #480-4005  $14.00


16" Str8 Forceps #480-4010  $20.00


10" Curved Forceps   #480-4001  $10.00


12" Curved Forceps  #480-4006 $14.00


16" Curved Forceps  #480-4011  $20.00


Electro-Stimulation and TENS
T.E.N.S. tactile electro-neural stimulator (also medically known as Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator or EMS: Electronic Muscle Stimulator) is an adjustable  pulsing muscle stimulator used in therapy from acupuncture to chiropractors. In the BDSM community,  electrical play and TENS units are just another unique method of tactile stimulation that is oh, so stimulating! It is an intense and unique sensation and must be used with care as with all implements of scene play!  Also available is the smaller version, called a Mini TENS. So add a lot of pulsating excitement to your next scene play!
... you'll be very glad that you did!

Mini TENS Unit

Mini TENS Unit
  This Mini TENS Unit is a great way to get started, with 6 modes and multiple levels of intensity using the pads that are included.

Measurements: Controller is 3 inches long and 2.38 inches wide, Pads are 1.88 inches wide, Lead wires are 55 inches long

Note: Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included

Mini TENS Unit
Item #200-6050
 Price: $29.95

Monster Forceps
Monster Forceps

Oh my! Looking for another unique CBT device??? This is the forceps from the land of the giants! A full 2 feet long! Yes, 24" of clamping and squeezing! ...and it is heavy! Open it up, slide a body part or two into one and lock it shut with the adjustable ratchet closure near the finger holes ...the possibilities are endless! Try it for hanging weights, too!

Item # 480-4020
Sold Out!

Electro-Stimulator TENS
TENS unit set
The TENS unit or electro-
stimulator comes complete with two sets of leads, 4 self-sticking hypoallergenic pads, an instruction booklet and yes, the 9V battery is included! Check out these new accessories that work with this TENS, too! Oh... and don't forget to get some spare pads!

Electrostimulator T.E.N.S. Kit
Item # 200-6000

Price: $95.95


TENS Adhesive Pads Spares
Did you already wear out those electrode pads for your TENS Unit? Are they not "sticking" well enough for you, anymore? Well, fear not! We just happen to have the spares! They come 4 pads with  attached leads in a set... So grab a set or two so you are ready for those rainy days! ... don't forget to extend the life of that zzzapp! by using the conductive gel, too!

TENS Spare Pads
Item #200-6200
 Price: $14.95

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