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Mummification Bondage
Mummy Bondage Kit External Male Urinal System
Surgical Scissors
5" Wide Clear Wrap Plastic Pallet Wrap Paramedic Scissors
Zenati Style Mummy Suit
Spares for Urinal System
Sensory Deprivation Hood

The Mummy

It's been a source of folklore and horror flicks! But in the BDSM Bondage Fetish world, they are the ultimate treat for the bondee... to be completely immobilized, bound and sealed in wrappings or apparatus! 

There are many types of mummification within the scene and the aficionado of this heavy bondage play constantly strives for tighter and more restrictive wrapping! 

We offer a few great ideas and products to assist the mummifier in ease and speed, yet keep the sub/slave in completely immovable bondage!

Be sure to check some of our other product pages, like the Institutional Restraints and the Dungeon-In-A-Box®   or the Sensory Deprivation Hood for some other great devices and ideas for mummification and tight bondage! 

Mummy Bondage

A mummy in bandages is becoming more and more the rage! Bondage in layers of tightly wound  bandages is so appealing... besides, that's how they did the original Mummies!

So get a kit or two... start with the head... always so intimidating... then work your way downward... 


Mummy Bondage Kit

Here are those great stretchy bandages which can be wrapped around and around and all over for that completely look and feel! They come with sharp teethed clips to hold them closed after wrapping! Get these kits for a great savings on the elastic bandage mummy bondage wrapping! They come in the 4" wide (great for head, hands and feet) or  6" wide (great for entire full body wraps!) rolls, both are 5 yards long!

Item# 620-4000 
3" wide  10 Roll/Kit 
Price $19.50

Item# 620-4001 
6" wide   10 Roll/Kit 
Price $32.00

Zentai Style Mummy Suit
Zenati Suit Mummy

This Zentai style Mummy Bodysuit is a complete encasement from the top of the head to the hands and feet! Slip into this bodysuit like they would a pair of pants using the zipper in the back. Once the feet are in, pull the arms and hands on and then zip all the way over the head! The suit is breathable and offers an amazing feel of a "second skin". It's also perfect for the mummification aficionado who wants and "under wrap" suit or can be worn alone in tight bondage gear and restraints, which adds even more restriction.

Made of 78% polyamide and 22% spandex, allowing for a snug, comfortable fit.
Uni-sex sizing makes it a truly pansexual experience!

Sizing: Five sizes available:

Extra Small:
 Height: 5ft to 5ft 3"; Chest Size 28" to 32"

Height: 5ft 3" to 5ft 6"; Chest Size 32" to 35"

Height: 5ft 5" to 5ft 9"; Chest Size 35" to 38"

Height: 5ft 7" to 6ft 1"; Chest Size 38" to 41"

Extra Large:
Height: 5ft 9" to 6ft 2"; Chest Size 42" to 46"

Zentai Style Mummy Suit
Price: $134.95

Zentai Style Mummy Suit
Choose Suit Size:


Paramedic Scissors
Paramedic Scissors
Official professional paramedic scissors used my EMS folks! They will cut through anything! 7 1/2" long with black plastic handle. They're the "Ginzu Knife" of the scissors world!

Paramedic Scissors
Item #480-2021
Price: $7.00


Plastic Wrap Rolls

Extremely clingy... this wrap is very effective in quickly and securely binding your mummy tightly! It is heavy duty, very strong industrial roll and will last for a long, long time ! 15" wide X 2,000' long!!! Yes, two thousand feet! Many wrappings from this roll of heavy duty plastic! Get creative with the colors, too! 

In the basic Medical Fetish BDSM colors of Black, Blue or Red ...of course!

Black Plastic Wrap
Item #620-3001
Price: $68.00/roll

Blue Plastic Wrap
 Item #620-3002 
 Price: $68.00/roll 

Red Plastic Wrap
 Item #620-3003 
 Price: $68.00/roll


Note: unable to ship this product to
 international addresses.

Don't forget the Scissors!

Small Clear Plastic Wrap Roll
 The same heavy duty strong industrial roll but only 5" in width... this clear plastic film wrap is easy to handle for head, face, hands and feet... but there's plenty on the roll to do the whole body since it is a full 2,000 feet longjustv like the larger width rolls (above)! ...5" wide X 2,000' long!!

 Item #620-3010 Small Clear Plastic Wrap
  Price: $15.00/roll

External Male Urinal System
includes Penis Sheath, Waistband and 20 oz. Leg Bag
External Male Urinal System
Great for long term mummification scenes, this is the ultimate in a complete External Male Urinal System! Just what the Nurse ordered! The "jock" style elastic waistband is uniquely designed for a "one size fits most" (up to size 48" waist). The soft, comfortable latex penis sheath snaps off for easy care and cleaning. It attaches to a one-way valve tube that prevents fluid return. Entire unit is washable. Complete with instructions.

Replacements for Sheath and 20 oz. Leg Bag Assembly available [see below].

-Features unique design in one size that fits most
-Soft latex sheath snaps off for easy care
-Pliable latex penis sheath is comfortable for long term wear
-Elastic waistband provides comfortable, secure fit
-Unique one-way valve prevents fluid from return
-Entire Unit is machine washable
-Easily worn under garments
-Spares sold separately for Sheath and Leg Bag Assembly

External Male Urinal System
Item #260-8000
Price: $44.95


External Male Urinal System Spare Sheath
Replacement/Spare Latex Penis Sheath
Item #260-8100
Price: $20.00

External Male Urinal System Spare Leg Bag
Replacement/Spare 20 oz.
Leg Bag Assembly
Item #260-8101
Price: $14.00


Surgical Bandage Scissors
Surgical Scissors

These 7" long stainless steel lister bandage scissors are obviously designed for cutting bandages with their blunt lower tip which gets under the "bandage" or wrapping, without cutting the skin. Just a cut above!

Surgical Bandage Scissors
Item #480-2020 
Price: $7.25

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