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BDSM - Fetish- Role Play Restraints
Handcuffs Leather Zip Front Shorts
Leather Fist Mitts Restraints

Ankle/Leg Cuffs
Jumbo Bondage Clips Set
Pup/Puppy Dog Hood
4-Way Hog-Tie Clip
Black Padded Fist Mitts

Pup/Dog Leather Hood
Puppy Dog Leather Hood 
Pup, puppy, dog... whatever your term of endearment is for the role play of being the well trained, well groomed pet of a proud owner/domme/master, the escape into the hood and seeing one transformed into that beloved pet is indescribable to the wearer and ultimate pride for the trainer/owner.
Pup Dog Hood Side view
This fine, supple, genuine leather hood features a full muzzle, ears, and a removable blindfold. The muzzle/mouth has a zipper to give your dog treats for good behavior or performing duties or tricks.

The back of this amazing hood ties tightly with corset-style lacing, and buckles at the neck with a collar. The collar features a D-ring so you can take your pooch for a walk on a leash which also works for training! "Walkees!!" The leather blindfold snaps into place, and can be quickly removed. Sit up, roll over and beg for this one... good dog!

Circumference at forehead 25"
 Muzzle length 4.5"
fits neck circumference 14.5" to 18"

Pup/Puppy- Dog Hood
Item #580-3050
Price: $189.95


Black Leather 30" Chain Leash

Perfect for training to be sure that your submissive or puppy or naughty patient  "tows the line", this leather wrist loop and chain leash attaches to a collar, hood restraints or even CBT leather bondage cages and Gates of Hell! So versatile and so in-control... you won't want to leave home (or the bedroom) without it!

Black Leather/Chain Leash
  Item #580-2100
 Price: $23.95

Pup/Dog Butt Plug Tail
Pup/Dog Tail Butt Plug
Good Dog! Now, bend over!! A puppy or dog just can't express his/herself without being able to wag (or hide!) their tail... here's the best tail serves as a stretching butt plug but can also be reversed for play as a curved and deeply penetrating dildo!
 Both ends connect in the middle with a stunning "spiked collar"... clever and very versatile little tail, wouldn't you say?

With so many options to use this, whatever choice you make, this Pup/Dog Butt Plug Tail is bound to give hours of pleasure!


Approx. 9.5" total length
Butt Plug: 4" insertable length
 1.97" max. diameter
6.2" max. circumference

Dildo: 5" insertable length
 1.75" head diameter
 1.5" shaft diameter
 4.75" shaft circumference
Pup - Dog Tail Butt Plug
Pup/Dog Butt Plug Tail
Item #320-4040
Price: $34.95


Black Leather
Padded Fist Mitts
Black Leather Padded Fist Mitts
Perfect for Puppy! ...Or just to make sure that someone "keeps their hands to themselves"... they made with black glove leather with thick padding and finished with a locking post buckle 1 1/2" wide black bridle leather belt... always a hit (pun intended) with that puppy or "feely" subbie or naughty patient who tries to play with themselves!
Sold as a Pair.

Small/Medium: Approx. 6.8" in length
 wrist cuff from 1.5" to 3.5" dia.
Medium/Large: Approx. 7.75" in length
 wrist cuff from 2.71" to 4.30" dia.

Mitts On

*Note: Locks sold separately.

  Padded Leather Fist Mitts
Size: Small/Medium
Item #580-4200
Price: $128.95

Padded Leather Fist Mitts 
Size: Medium/Large
Item #580-4205
Price: $138.95


Men's Leather Zip Front Shorts

Available in Black Leather and Sizes:
Small (Waist approx. 28-30)
 Medium (Waist approx. 32-34)
 Large (Waist approx. 36-40)

Mens Leather Bondage Shorts with Zipper Front
Click on picture for larger detail
Men's Leather Shorts
Nothing quite sets the mood for "changing gears" after a busy week than slipping into leather!

Made of soft, pliable garment leather with that intoxicating aroma... these are so easy to put on ... and take off! ... with an elastic waistband and zipper front.

Sexy, yet comfortable to wear, these leather shorts will become your favorite "hanging around the house" or ... better yet... "hanging around the dungeon" attitude adjuster!

Men's Leather Shorts
Price: $68.95

 Leather Shorts Size Selections

Handcuffs in Action
Looking for the real handcuffs used by law enforcement and institutions? Here they are! The highest quality, secure and safe with the double lock. 
Locking Hand Cuffs
Item #600-6001

Price: $38.00


Legcuffs in use
All of the same high quality and professional standards of the handcuffs, but these are for the ankles and are bigger, beefier with  a long (14") chain between!
Locking Leg Ankle Cuffs
Item# 600-6002

Price: $48.00

Toe/Thumb Cuffs

Oh sure these were designed for the thumbs, but just watch what happens when a set is applied to the toes and another to the thumbs! One can be rendered quite helpless without the use of their big toes and thumbs! 
Toe/Thumb Cuffs
Locking Toe/Thumb Cuffs
Item# 600-6000

Price: $20.95

Toe/Thumb Cuffs

Jumbo Bondage Clip Set
Jumbo Bondage Clips Set
The ultimate in safety for bondage and restraint, this clip releases immediately when needed! Set of 4.

Item# 640-2015
Price: $11.95/Set of 4

Hog-Tie Clips
New 4-Way Hog Tie Clips 
What a clever idea! And so time efficient! Simply clip each one of the d-clips to a cuff, wrists, then ankles and voila! If you attached behind your patient you now have a perfect hog-tie! If you prefer to attach in front, that will keep them either stooping or squatting or sitting with their ankles and wrists attached! What a picture!

4-Way Hog Tie Clip
Item #640-2000
Price: $29.95


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