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Erotic Electro-Stimulation by P.E.S.
and Violet Wand Kit

Power Box
click on image for larger image

 P.E.S. Power Box
includes A/C Adapter and two sets of Low Profile Leads!

Erotic-electro stimulation...taking you somewhere you've never been before... and once there, never want to leave!

The PES Power Box provides the "juice" for the individual electrodes (accessory attachments), like the Sparklers, the Anal Plugs, Penis Head Electrodes, Vaginal Plug, Prostate Stimulator, Tubular Mid Ring, Tubular Base Ring,  the Female G-Spot Electrode and the exciting urethral probe, called the Deep Throat!

Power Box
Item #200-2000

Price: $259.95


Note: can also be operated on a 9 Volt Alkaline Battery (not included)!

The Power Box

 Here's a brief "walk" around the Power Box... the image above basically shows you what does what and the list below describes them...

This switch turns the Power Box on and off. The switch should be in the off position before inserting, applying, or removing electrodes.

Coarse Power Adjustment
This is the primary power adjustment. This knob and the Fine Power Knob should be on 1 when the box is turned on, and then increased as needed. ( in some configurations this knob may increase to 9 or 10 before the sensations are felt)

Fine Power Adjustment
This is the fine tune adjustment for the coarse power adjustment. It will increase the power at a slower rate.

Pulse Adjustment
This control knob adjusts the pulsation of the current and should be set at 10 before turning on the power. It produces a steady pulse when set at 10 and a very slow pulse when set on 1.

Coarse Frequency Adjustment
This control adjusts the frequency of the current and should be set at 10 when the box is turned on. It produces a sharper or softer feel of the current and is a very important feature in achieving a hands free ejaculation.

Fine Frequency Adjustment
This control is a "thumb wheel" found on the right hand side of the PES power box and is a critical part of the frequency adjustment.

Channel A & B Lead Connections
These connections are found at the top of the PES Power Box and is the location where the Low Profile leads connect.

Channel A & B Power Interrupts
These two push buttons found on the front of the PES Power Box interrupt the power sent to the electrodes when depressed and return the current flow when released. (note: the power control should be turned to 1 or the power box turned off before releasing the buttons.

Low Profile Pinch Leads

The Low Profile Lead Wires takes erotic electro-stimulation to new heights of comfort and mobility. The Pinch Lead is a low profile, lightweight attachment that is compatible with all P.E.S. products, and makes hooking up to any P.E.S. electrode as simple as "Pinch and Snap," so that your hands are free to operate the P.E.S. Power Box. Unlike the old, difficult-to-use "banana style" plugs, which protrude 1 ½ inches above the base of the electrode, the Low Profile Pinch Leads attaches almost flat at less than 1/4" once snapped into place on the electrode device. This means that you can move into any position you desire without worry, even sitting or lying on your back. You can even wear your P.E.S. electrode underneath your clothing! 

Adapter Leads for PES electrodes to use on Folsom or Erostek
Adapter Leads to use PES Electrodes with Folsom or Erostek Power Boxes

And now, thanks to this connection adapter leads from P.E.S., you can use any of their awesome and powerful P.E.S. Electrodes such as the butt plugs, cock rings, vaginal plugs, Deep Throat, Prostate Stimulator electrodes, etc. with any manufacturer's power box, such as Erostek or Folsom Power Boxes

Keep in mind, due to the extra power
needed to function, the P.E.S. electrodes
will NOT work with TENS Units!!

Total length from PES pinch connector to female pin connector is 8.5"

 Adapter Leads:
Female Pin Connector to P.E.S. Pinch/Low Profile Connector
  (sold as pair*)

(*pair = one set of black/red or green/yellow,
 based on stock available)

Item #200-8010 
only $14.95/pair


Spare Leads for PES Power Box

Spare PES Low Profile Leads
In case you need 'em, we have 'em! Spare PES Accessory Leads are both great to have as spares and to replace your leads that may have simply worn out or been lost in the heat of play.

  •  One lead with (2) snap connectors
  •  Direct replacement for leads included with all PES Power Boxes

This Spare Pair of Low Profile Leads consists of one 3.5 mm plug with two wires (either black/red or green/yellow*) which are approximately 48" long, each wire terminating with a Low Profile Pinch connector.

Note: These are the same leads with Low Profile snap connectors that are shipped with each and every PES Power Box.

(*pair = black/red or green/yellow, based on stock available)

  Spare Pair of Low Profile Leads
Item #200-8000 
only $20.00/pair


See comparison images below...

click on image if you cannot read

The old Banana Plug design is very uncomfortable, cannot sit, lay on, put legs together and is almost impossible to wear underneath clothing!
Our Low Profile Leads (shown above on the Electro-Flex Penile Ring) are streamlined making it possible to wear it comfortably underneath clothing, sitting, legs close together, laying flat, etc...


Step 1. Hold the lead wire in your hand with the pinch lead held between the thumb and fore finger, making sure that the metal contacts are at the bottom side of the pinch lead closest to the electrode, as shown below.

Step 2. Position the pinch lead contacts against the head of the stud post. Lightly compress the outside edges to open the contacts while exerting a slight downward motion. The pinch lead will easily engage and be securely fastened. Note: If you push before you pinch, you will damage the lead.

Step 3. For removal, perform the reverse procedure by compressing the outside edges of the pinch lead and removing with a slight upward motion. 

Neon Wand Complete Kit and Attache
Neon Wand
Complete Wand, Attachments
and Locking Carry Case with Handcuffs Kit

Okay... now you will be having waaaay too much fun! Like it's big, bad cousin, the Violet Wand, this Neon Wand Complete Kit offers the excitement and exhilarating ecstasy of Electro-Erotic play, at a fraction of the price.

Sending those tantalizing cracks and zaps dancing across the surface of the skin, this wand can produce a broad range of sensations, from a pleasurably warm and tingling up to a more intense, focused sensation that may push some "patients" to the limit! It is all controlled by choice of the electrode "wands" (four included!) for various sensations and/or the multi-level intensity dial on the wand itself.

The Complete Neon Wand Kit  and Case includes, of course,  the Black Neon Wand, along with all of the attachments:  The Magic Fingers, The Electro-Whip, The Plasma Globe Bulb,  The Comb,  The Pinwheel, The Tongue, The Mushroom,  The Rolling Drum, and The Probe!

Locking Attache and Handcuffs for Neon Wand Kit
It all fits perfectly into the protective padded Silver Attaché Case, which keeps it  all secure with its combination lock. Just this impressive case is worth it's weight in gold from the gawks and stares, as you enter the room!  ...and an added bonus of a pair of Black Double Locking Handcuffs, just to make a serious point!

Complete Neon Wand Kit
and Case
Item # 200-8620
Price: $399.95 only $375.00!

Not quite ready to commit to the full kit? Just getting started and want to try it first?
Grab one of our Beginner's Electro-Erotic Play Kits!

Neon Wand for Electro Erotic Play
Neon Wand
Beginner's Electro-Erotic Play Kit

This version of the Neon Wand kit comes with 4 different glass attachments (Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90 degree Probe, Tongue Tube), Easy Grip Silicone Sleeve, Instruction and Care Booklet ... all neatly tucked away in its own handy storage box!
Electrodes included in the Neon Wand Kit

**Good news for our overseas patients... it's also available in 220 Voltage!

Neon Wand Kit Box
Neon Wand Kit -- 110V
Item # 200-8600 
Price: $138.95

Neon Wand Kit -- 220V

Item # 200-8605  
Price: $138.95


Magic Fingers Neon Wand Accessory

Magic Fingers
Neon Wand Accessory

Now that you have the Neon Wand, you're probably wondering about what other devious devices are available for it!? Well, here it is!

This odd looking apparatus with a metal plate and cable actually allows the Neon Wand to conduct its magic through your fingers (or whatever other bodily contact you want to make!)... hence the nickname, Magic Fingers!  So wherever you touch, kiss or lick... zzzsssstttt!

Magic Fingers for Neon Wand in use

It's easy to use, too... just plug the cable in the Neon Wand [where the glass electrodes go] and then place the flat metal pad contact plate someplace on your your bare skin (usually tucked into your pants to hold it in place, like shown below) and slowly turn up the Wand then start touching your partner!

They will feel a sexy electrical tingle flowing through your every touch... or kiss... or lick... or OMG! think of the mind-blowing oral sex!


Let's face it... no matter what level of e-stim play you have had, this is one experience you most likely have never had (or maybe had someone do it to you at a party and thought, "WOW!! ...I
LOVE that!") ... well now you can have it whenever and wherever you want!

Magic Fingers Specifications:
  • Cable Length: 44.74" (113.66 cm)
  • Contact Plate Length: 3.25" (8.25 cm)
  • Contact Plate Width: 2" (5 cm)
• Instruction Manual and Safety Tips

* NOTE: This Neon Wand accessory is to be used ONLY with the Neon Wand™ 

Magic Fingers Accessory
for the Neon Wand

Item # 200-8610 
Price: $44.95


Urethral/Penis Head Electrode
"Deep Throat"

Prostate Stimulator

Urethral  "Sparklers"

Penis Head Stimulators

Acrylic Butt Plug

Electro Flex Butt Plug

Rectal Pacifier

Anal Tubular

Penile Rings

Ball Sack Electrode "Testicle Tubular"

Tubular Mid Penis Ring

Tubular Base Penis Ring

Click on any of the icons of the electrodes attachments for the PES Power Box (above) to see all of their details, images in use and to order!  

How Electro-stim works:
Erotic electro stimulation interacts directly with nerve endings, which is actually passing a small AC or pulsed DC current through the body. The Power Box tunes in on the nerve endings, harmonizing with the body's own electrical impulses. After reaching a good power level, the frequency and pulse rates can be adjusted until the desired response is reached in the form of Erotic Electro Stimulation. Using any toys in role play, requires safety, sanity and consensual agreements... be sure to read the safe play tips!

Physiologically speaking, when properly adjusted for power and frequency, the erotic electrical devices amplify natural electrical impulses at the nerve endings. Electro Stimulation increases the nerve impulses from low to high frequency levels, and result in an interplay with the reaction of individuals to these devices which can vary, since not everyone processes the sensations the same way. As with any role play, in time most learn to reprocess the sensations, and thus experience them as something almost unbearably pleasurable! More questions? Read the FAQ's

Spectra Gel
This is the gel that is used for electro-conductivity. Yes, that's right, it helps the zapping process! Not much is needed to do the job, so this 8.5 ounces of goo will definitely go... er zap... a long way! It's salt-free and hypoallergenic, too! 

Spectra Gel
Item# 460-8030

Price: $12.95

Surgical Lubricant
Surgical Lube
Surgical lubricant is a sterile, water soluble, non-staining lubricating jelly. Similar to KY-Jelly it is especially formulated for surgical and gynecological lubrication.
This is a 4 oz. tube.
[note: brand packaging may vary]

Item# 460-2000

Price: $7.95


Power Box and Electrodes FAQ's:
 Q1. What kind of power source is recommended for using PES Electro Stimulation products?
A1. The Power Box is the only generating source for our electrodes. It runs on a 9-volt battery or it runs on the AC adaptor that is included with the box. Once you have decided to purchase the PES Power Box, you would then need to decide which electrodes to purchase; this is a decision you make according to your own personal erotic preferences. Different electrodes will stimulate different erotic areas.

 Q2. Can I use a TENS unit or a power unit from another manufacturer with these electrode attachments, like the Deep Throat or the Prostate Stimulator?
A2. No. As previously stated in the first FAQ,  PES electrodes require the PES Power Box. All of our electrode attachments are designed specifically to fit with the exclusive patented connector which attaches the leads to the electrodes attachment.

Q3. Should I do anything special before changing positions of my ring and plug?
A3. That is a very good question! You should always turn the power level down or off before inserting, removing, or repositioning any electrode.

Q4. Will double electrode products also work as a single electrode?
A4. Yes. Purchasing a double electrode product does give you the versatility of using the unit as a single or double electrode. The drawback of using a double electrode as a single is that you are only using half of the conductive surface of the product and you may have trouble stimulating the target area. 

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