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Cupping Sets

Fire & Vacuum Cupping Sets

Fire cups and vacuum cupping sets are based on the oriental method of using suction to pull impurities of the body through the surface of the skin. In Medical Fetish or any BDSM scene play, they are just so diverse! They can be used on so many areas...  breast, nipples, penis,  even the buttocks! The cup suction leaves a temporary "hickie" mark on the spot it was attached. 

Here's an example of what to expect when playing with cupping sets:


Fire Cups

Very stimulating and an exciting arousal to watch! The "ritual" of using Fire Cups  in a scene can add so much to the tension and sensual effects of the scene. The same concept as the vacuum pump cupping set, whereby air is removed, but here, the heavy, thick heat-tolerant glass globes are used. By using the flame from a candle or lighter held under the opening of the globe, the air is heated inside the cup. Then it is immediately set on the skin area. As the air inside the cup cools, the skin is sucked into the glass globe! It is a very exciting sensation and as the technique is perfected, can become quite an event in the dungeon or clinic!


17 piece Cupping Set 
Large 17 piece vacuum cupping set with pistol grip pump. The cups vary in size and come in a handy attache style carrying case with how-to instructions! What a great deal!

Item #420-3001 
Price: $74.95


Fire Cup Sets
Each set contains heavy duty glass fire cups which when the air inside the globes (cups) is heated then the globe placed on the skin, the cooling of the air inside the cup sucks the skin up into the globe of the cup! Exciting!!
Fire Cup Sets & Sizes are:
(NOTE: sizes are the diameter of the cup mouth opening)

Item #420-4000
 Price: $24.95
includes one each Extra Small = 1/2", Small = 1", Medium = 1 1/2" 


 Item #420-4005
 Price: $31.95
includes 4 each Large = 2"


Item #420-4010
 Price: $36.95
includes 4 each Xtra Large = 3"


10 Piece Cupping Set
One of our most popular sets, this cupping set comes complete with a pistol grip pump and ten plastic cups. Instruction sheet and a snap closure carrying case included. 

Item #420-3000
 Price: $48.00 


Glass 14 Piece
    Cupping Set 

The premier set! The cups are made of strong glass, yet it works with the hand pull vacuum pump. It comes in an attache style carrying case!

Item #420-4000
Price: $145.00 


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