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Electro-Flex™ Urethral and Multi-use
Sparkler Electrodes

The Sparkler is a 6 inch length of Electro-Flex™ material with single electrode connector on top, with a rubber platform for variable use. It gets its nickname from the prickling sensation (like the real sparklers do when the sparks hit your hand!) they produce! See the combinations of ideas for use to the right... Since this is a singular electrode device, it must be used in conjunction with another P.E.S. Electrode to complete the erotic electro circuit!*

Urethral stimulation is one of the most intense possibilities afforded by these little wands of joy. They can be inserted as deep as you dare. This is electro stimulation at it's most erotic!

Not only by insertion, but the New Sparklers may also be used in many unique ways such as looped through their rubber platforms, they can be placed around the head of the penis and used with a single penile ring at the base of the penis or the corona (penis head), the labia, the back of the knee, or under the toes. The Sparklers are flexible enough to mold with the natural shape of the body, especially when used with straps or bondage. 

General Lubrication: As with all P.E.S. Products lubrication plays an important part of the effectiveness of these electrodes, including the Sparkler and Big Boy Sparkler, we recommend Surgi-Lube. Just as important as the lube, is cleanliness! As we discuss in sound play, be sure to have clean hands (anti-bacterial soaps like Dial™ liquid are great!) and use latex gloves

Before insertion, lubrication should be applied to the contact surface of the electrode before placement, for easy adjustment. This allows the electrode body to move freely for your personal fit. 

As we've stated before: Do not use lubricants with silicone ingredients. Silicone is an insulator which greatly affects conductivity, and can chemically bond to the products made from Electro-Flex™ when applied over a long period of time. 

*Electro-Flex™ Basic 1/8" X 6" Sparkler Single Electrode
All of this excitement for 
only $69.95!
Item #200-5025


*Electro-Flex™ Big Boy 1/4" X 6" Single Sparkler Electrode
For larger excitement... 
only $79.95!
Item #200-5026


*Remember: this is a Single Contact Electrode and will need another Single to complete the circuit!

Urethrally inserted Sparkler used in conjunction with the P.E.S. single conductor 5/8" width Electro-Flex™ Penile Ring or any of the insertable plugs or attachments.

The Sparkler around corona used in conjunction with the P.E.S. Electro-Flex™ Anal Plug or the Prostate Stimulator or the Rectal Pacifier

Above are three possibilities using the PES Sparkler in conjunction with a non-lubricative prophylactic (yo! ...a condom!)
SparklerBig Boy Sparkler
Overall sizing of the Basic Sparkler (top) and the Big Boy Sparkler (bottom)
Need the Power Box
for this?
The P.E.S. Power Box comes with A/C Adapter and two sets of Low Profile Leads!

Item #200-2000
Price: $259.95


Don't forget the Power Box - the source for the "juice" that creates the pulses in the individual electrodes (accessory attachments), like the Sparklers, the Anal Plugs, Corona (penis head) Electrodes, the Prostate Stimulator, Tubular Mid Ring, Tubular Base Ringthe new exciting urethral probe, called the Deep Throat!

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