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Corona [penis head] Electro-Stimulator Electrodes

The Corona (penis head) Stimulator Electrodes are specifically designed to deliver the electro stimuli to the glans of the penis or corona. Any one of these Electrodes is the perfect Electrode for those seeking a "hands-free" ejaculation. Its patent pending design offers the ultimate in comfort and, when properly configured with a second Single Electrode device (see suggestions to the right), this Corona Electrode offers stimulation of the entire penis head, from the urethral opening, to the corona, and the frenulum frenulum (or frenum). 

The Basic Corona offers a general stimulation through its Electro-Flex™ body over the entire corona, over the urethral opening and directly to the frenulum.


TheCorona with Focusing Pods uses 24kt gold-plated conductive pods that are moveable along the secondary body to deliver additional stimuli to the top of the corona, as well as stimuli through the rest of its Electro-Flex™ body to the frenulum and around the corona. 


The Corona with Urethral Amplifier stimulates not only the external corona but also, with the addition of the 1 ½" Electro-Flex™ urethral insert, the interior of the corona. Also, prostate stimulation can be achieved through the urethra when the Corona is used with an anal Electrode, such as the Prostate Stimulator

There has never been a group of Electrodes developed to do this specific type of stimulation on the male anatomy so precisely. 

Remember, these are Single Electrodes which must be used in conjunction with another P.E.S. Electrode to function (again, see suggestions to the right).


Corona Stimulator with Focusing Pods and the Electro-Flex™ Anal Plug

Corona Stimulator and Single Conductor Electro-Flex™ Penile Ring

Corona Stimulator and  Electro-Flex™
Prostate Stimulator


...get all three styles for unlimited variations!
Only $79.95 each 

Choose Type of Corona Electrode


General Lubrication*: Lubrication should be applied to the conductive surface of the Corona Electrode before placement, allowing for easy adjustment of the Electrode body for a personal fit. Then also lube both the penile shaft and the corona (penis head) itself. We recommend the use of our Surgi-Lube. This will not only assist in placement of the Corona Electrode and maintaining good contact between the electrode and the penile shaft. Remember! DO NOT use any silicone-based lubricants! Silicone is an insulator, and therefore, reduces conductivity. 

 Don't limit yourself! ... the possibilities and creative uses of these electrodes or any of the electro-stimulation attachments are endless! Your imagination is the key to all fantasy, and when it comes to erotic electro-play, as you can see,  the sky is truly the limit!

Need the Power Box
for this?
The P.E.S. Power Box comes with A/C Adapter and two sets of Low Profile Leads!

Item #200-2000
Price: $259.95


The Power Box - the source for the "juice" that creates the pulses in the individual electrodes (accessory attachments), like the Sparklers, the Anal Plugs, Corona (penis head) Electrodes, the Prostate Stimulator, Tubular Mid Ring, Tubular Base Ring, and the exciting urethral probe, called the Deep Throat!

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