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Anal Tubular Electrodes
The Power Box - the source for the "juice" that creates the pulses in the individual electrodes (accessory attachments), like the Sparklers, the Anal Plugs, Corona (penis head) Electrodes, Vaginal Plug, the Prostate Stimulator, Tubular Mid Ring, Tubular Base Ring, especially for women, Little Big Man and especially for men, the new exciting urethral probe, called the Deep Throat!

The Anal Tubular Electrode is of unique origin. 

This electrode is specifically designed to deliver the stimuli to precise areas within the anal and rectum regions and it is perfect for beginners who may not be very "anally active". It’s patented design offers the ultimate in comfort, and when properly configured, this electrode stimulates the inner portions of the sphincter muscle and expands out into the rectal cavity to simultaneously stimulate the prostate and erectile tissues surrounding the prostate. 

The Anal Tubular Electrode can also be used on women because the sphincter muscle is an extremely erotic area in both sexes. The smooth nerve portions of the outer sphincter are not as receptive to Erotic Electro Stimulation response as the the interior walls and interior base of the sphincter muscle platform. The unique bow expands out thus making good contact at the very inner base of the sphincter.

Insertion shown above with final attachment of Vaginal Plug

Proper Placement Of The Anal Tubular Electrode Within The Anal Cavity.

• Prior to inserting this electrode you must first, thoroughly, lubricate the conductive bow and the surrounding area of the anus.

• Make sure that the connecting contact on the electrode is facing forward.

• Connect your leads prior to insertion.

• Pinch the conductive bow about 1 inch below the top.

• Gently push and feed the conductive bow into the rectum until the silicone tubular platform comes into contact with the exterior portion of the anus.

• At this time, you must properly orient the electrode by slowly moving the conductive portion in and out of the anus two or three times.

• On the final orientation of the electrode, make sure that the silicone tubular platform makes full contact with the exterior portions of the anus.

Electro-Flex™ Anal Tubular Electrode
All of this exciting new fun for only $69.95!
Item #200-3005


The Anal Tubular in conjunction with the Sparkler wrapped around the penis head area. 

The Anal Tubular in conjunction with the Penile Ring, for maximum Erotic Electro Stimulation effect using the Anal Tubular Electrode in conjunction with the single Electro-Flex penile ring which focuses the stimuli to the Superior Dorsal nerves at the base of the penis, the Sphincter Muscle and the Prostate. 

The Anal Tubular in conjunction with the Vaginal Plug, for maximum Erotic Electro Stimulation effect using the Anal Tubular Electrode in conjunction with the Vaginal Plug, or the L.B.M. (Little Big Man Electrode) With these combinations, you are able to focus stimuli for the overall Vaginal and Anal Sphincter stimulation.

Remember: Don’t limit yourself with our recommendations, only! These are only a few suggestions of possible combinations of the electrodes which work with the Power Box!

General Lubrication: As with all P.E.S. Products lubrication plays an important part of the effectiveness of these electrodes, including the Rectal Pacifier, so we recommend Surgi-Lube. Just as important as the lube, is cleanliness! Be sure to have clean hands (anti-bacterial soaps like Dial™ liquid are great!) and use latex gloves

As we've stated before: Do not use lubricants with silicone ingredients. Silicone is an insulator which greatly affects conductivity, and can chemically bond to the products made from Electro-Flex™ when applied over a long period of time. 


Need the Power Box
for this?
The P.E.S. Power Box comes with A/C Adapter and two sets of Low Profile Leads!

Item #200-2000
Price: $259.95


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